The Retirement Tax Trap Webinar

The Retirement Tax Trap Webinar

The government is coming after YOUR retirement SOON – PREPARE YOURSELF

Learn how to protect your savings, your future, and your family from Uncle Sam by attending our FREE Webinar

Discover from CFP and Attorney Gregory DuPont some of the most dangerous pitfalls that can derail your retirement plan.

You will learn…

✔ The REAL tax system in retirement

✔ How to effectively pass money onto your heirs and not the government

✔ How to live a worry-free and tax-free retirement

✔ How to have guaranteed income for LIFE

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Thursday October 7th at 6:30pm EDT

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Presented by Gregory DuPont – Founder of DuPont Wealth Solutions

Gregory DuPont has been serving clients as an estate and tax planning attorney in Ohio since graduating from Capital University Law School in 1992. He added a wealth management component to his practice more than 14 years ago. “With my background in finance and accounting, I know how important planning is,” he says. “So I took all the steps required to become what I call a ‘financial advocate’ in addition to being an attorney.”

DuPont obtained an accounting and finance degree from Ohio State University. As a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), a designation that requires advanced coursework in a complete range of financial subjects, he is that rare financial professional who can provide cross-disciplinary solutions from the legal, tax and investment perspectives.

He designed his firm to be the place where finance and law meet…offering investment management, general business counsel, retirement planning, estate planning, succession planning and more. “My focus is on wealth creation and preservation, as well as transferring assets to the next generation with minimal taxation,” he says.

As a practicing attorney, DuPont is accustomed to working with clients as a fiduciary and an advocate. “I realized early-on that I wanted people to feel they could pick up the phone and call me without fear of getting billed or hit with hourly fees,” he explains. “That’s why my services are fee-based. It’s really important to me to bring value and expand and deliver solutions. I don’t want to be everything to everybody, but I want to be very important to a small group of people.”

He has been named one of Ohio’s Top 100 lawyers, an invitation-only designation given by The National Advocates. He was recently named an Ohio Super Lawyer by Super Lawyers and is listed as a Top Lawyer in Ohio by AVVO. DuPont was recently featured on WTVN radio, when he was asked to weigh in on the estate and legal situation of Prince, after it was reported that the musician passed away without a will.