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5 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor Before a Recession
While the U.S. is not currently in a recession, it is a very likely future. Working with a trusted financial advisor is one of the best ways to get through a recession unharmed. They should be able to guide you through this tough time with minimal losses. In order for …
3 Things Pre-Retirees Must Know About Cryptocurrency Investments
A good retirement portfolio should have diversity in asset classes. One way to do this is by adding a small amount of cryptocurrency.
5 Real Estate Niches You Need to Know About
Investing in real estate is a common way to increase your income. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you want depending on the properties you invest in. There are many different real estate niches that you can explore. Finding the one that is right for you is the …
How to Best Utilize Human Capital Based on your Generation
It's no secret that the economy is heading towards a recession. And, it's likely that things will only get worse before they get better. That is why it's important to start thinking about ways to prepare. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in your own …
A Warning from the 1970s
You’re probably wondering why we are bringing up the 1970s economy in 2022. It's because many economists see the United States possibly going down a very similar path that could result in another recession.
How Living Longer Will Impact Your Retirement
Biotechnology has come an extraordinarily long way since the days when antibiotics and chemotherapy were first used. As we enter this science-fiction-like age, the question becomes – "how do I financially plan to live a longer life?".
Is There Any Value in Bitcoin?
Is There Any Value in Bitcoin? You've heard stories of young people becoming billionaires off of Bitcoin. You might be feeling a little left out, and wondering, "How can I do that?". Well, the purpose of cryptocurrency and blockchain has changed in recent years, and it's not a get-rich-quick scheme …
Alternatives to Bonds
Alternatives to Bonds Many investors consider bonds to be one of the safest investments. You may have even heard that they have a "guaranteed rate of return". The fact is, bonds are a lot riskier than you have been led to believe. Even treasury bonds don't come without risks. There …
The Risks of Bonds 
You may believe your money is safe, and that you're guaranteed to make money from your investment. While bonds are generally safer than stocks, they are by no means risk-free. In fact, bond investments are a lot riskier than you may have been led to believe.
5 Steps for Aspiring Senior House Flippers
If you’ve ever been curious about house flipping, retirement might be the perfect time to give it a try!

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