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How to Prepare Your Child for College
If you’re lost at where to start with preparing for college, we recommend investing in some kind of college savings account, filing out the FASFA, and helping your child research schools and programs.
How To Start a Business During Retirement
Many retirees are finding that starting a business is the perfect way to stay active and engaged after leaving their full-time job. Staying afloat and being financially secure during retirement is a must for us to survive in this world. A perfect way to keep the money coming in your …
How to Minimize the Impact of Income Taxes on Your Finances 
Whether you are an active or passive income earner, here are several ways that you can reduce your income taxes. When it comes to your finances, knowledge is power. Stay informed and be sure to consult with a tax advisor if you have any questions.
How to Defer and Reduce Capital Gains Taxes on Investments 
There are several strategies you can use to defer, reduce, and eliminate capital gains tax on real property and other assets. 1031 Exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trusts, Opportunity Zone Funds, and Installment Sales are just a few options to discuss with a trusted financial advisor.
What Are My Long-Term Care Options? 
Long-term care refers to a variety of services that help meet both the medical and non-medical needs of people who cannot care for themselves for long periods. There are several different types of long-term care options available, each of which is best suited for different individuals. Here are just a …
5 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor Before a Recession
While the U.S. is not currently in a recession, it is a very likely future. Working with a trusted financial advisor is one of the best ways to get through a recession unharmed. They should be able to guide you through this tough time with minimal losses. In order for …
3 Things Pre-Retirees Must Know About Cryptocurrency Investments
A good retirement portfolio should have diversity in asset classes. One way to do this is by adding a small amount of cryptocurrency.
5 Real Estate Niches You Need to Know About
Investing in real estate is a common way to increase your income. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you want depending on the properties you invest in. There are many different real estate niches that you can explore. Finding the one that is right for you is the …
How to Best Utilize Human Capital Based on your Generation
It's no secret that the economy is heading towards a recession. And, it's likely that things will only get worse before they get better. That is why it's important to start thinking about ways to prepare. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in your own …
A Warning from the 1970s
You’re probably wondering why we are bringing up the 1970s economy in 2022. It's because many economists see the United States possibly going down a very similar path that could result in another recession.

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