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“What’s Your Retirement Number?” May Not Be the Right Question

We’ve all heard the advertising. “What’s your retirement number?” This question is based on asset accumulation. If we knew exactly how long we were going to live, that calculation might be valuable. But since we don’t know that timeframe, the better question to ask is, “How much sustainable income will I need during the different phases of my retirement?” Asset accumulation is normally the goal, pre-retirement. When planning for retirement, the focus shifts to developing sustainable income. Sustainable Income The primary purpose of sustainable income is to create a predictable amount to cover expenses throughout the phases of your retirement.
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Remembering in the Month of May

Mother’s Day and Memorial Day both happen in May, and as we spend time with loved ones and remember those who’ve gone before us, it’s important to also consider our future legacy. The last thing you want to leave behind for your family is financial hardship.   We’ve put these quick tips together to remind you about some of the insurance and estate pitfalls we’ve seen–and can help you avoid!   Planning ahead and planning well for your family is one of the most loving things you can do.     Make sure you have the right amount of coverage
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Welcome to DuPont Wealth Solutions blog. We will be posting informational content on a regular basis with the goal of helping you in your daily life. I started practicing law in 1992. From the outset of my career I have focused on serving the needs of small businesses and individuals. I have been involved in the creation and management of many small businesses, have helped hundreds of families set up estate plans, and have been involved in the administration of innumerable estates. I have guided hundreds of people through the process of bankruptcy. I have seen the good, the bad,
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